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imageThe MYC team also have 24/7 customer service, to help you any time. 3) Once you’re a premium member, the MYC team will help you with everything that you need to help you get setup, so that you can start following our signals and making money passively. Config Parameter Type Default Required Description apiKey String none Yes API key for account access apiSecret String none Yes Secret key for account access trade String none Yes Base token used for exchange (example: BTC) currency String none Yes Token to be traded (example: STRAT) sellValuePercent Integer/Float 4 No Difference in sell price of the previous successful order or market (on startup) buyValuePercent Integer/FLoat 4 No Difference in buy price of the previous successful order or market (on startup) volumePercent Integer/Float 4 No Percent of your tokens to be placed leveraged buyDifference Integer/Float 0 No Percent adjustment to buy orders.

If you liked this post and you would certainly such as to get more info pertaining to Kucoin kindly check out the web-page. Negative values buys less than sell extCoinBalance Integer/Float 0 No Off exchange balance checkInterval Integer 30 No How often the bot checks state slackToken string empty Yes token for sending to slack slackChannel string empty Yes channel for trade notificaiton. Positive values buy more than sells. Choosing a good Telegram crypto trading bot is important, so let’s first take a look at the functionality that these bots offer.

Now, this might all seem complicated, but a lot of what I have described is handled by Telegram crypto trade bot trading bots, which handle everything automatically. Adjusting the 'buyDifference' changes only the buying behavior. Setting the 'volumePercent' param with a 'buyDifference' of zero places matching buys / sells. It's been much more predictable and less prone to erroneous buys / sells. Since trading is all about mathematics and fast complex probability calculations, bots should be better at trading than humans.

Trading bots are software programs that connect to an exchange (usually via API protocol) and make trades on behalf of the users. They work using a variety of trading indicators and strategies. Pionex is the world’s first exchange with free, integrated trading bots. It is an automated crypto trading environment launched in 2019 and has been one of the fastest-growing platforms in Asia, kucoin with over $30 million in trade volume per day. Today, the exchange has over 100,000 users, serviced by a team of 100+ experts plus the founder and CEO.

Once payment is received, your account will be upgraded to Trader . Please keep this window open and allow some time for the transaction to be confirmed. We do not accept payments over the BNB (BEP2) or BSC (BEP20) network, please use ETH (ERC20) when sending ETH, USDC or DAI. Membership to these groups can be paid via cryptocurrency or card at the payments page. 2) MYC Signals offers 2 premium channels for crypto trade bot trading signals: MYC Binance Futures Signals VIP and MYC BitMex Signals VIP .

Gunbot is an older crypto trading bot but still one of the more advanced BTC trading software that provides a wide range of settings and strategies which are ideal for both beginners and professionals. It is used to take over (most) of the workload of traders on the cryptocurrency markets.image

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