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Headquartered in Melbourne, we have helped hundreds of thousands of Australians buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum. is one of Australia’s longest standing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Crypto exchanges in Thailand are tightly regulated. Now, only a few major regulated players are now operating in the local market as many platforms have shuttered over the years. Binance and its local partners are now seeking a proper trading license for their joint venture, BNB which they are expecting to obtain in the next six months.

The listing means that Dogecoin is now supported by two of the world’s major exchanges. The Binance listing—which, unusually, comes with no fee attached—is a major plus for Binance the peer-to-peer currency, which is modelled on a meme-dog, the Shiba Inu.

"Once we conclude talks with Binance on the business model and shareholder agreements, a JV will be formed, which will apply for the license with regulators," Yupapin Wangviwat, Gulf’s Chief Financial Officer, told the publication in an interview.

The community has been a great source of strength for the cryptocurrency, together with the sterling team of volunteer developers who were left behind after Dogecoin was abandoned by its co-creator, Jackson Palmer.

While some "Layer 2" options and side chains have begun to gain traction, none have done so as quickly as the Binance Smart Chain – which was created and maintained by the longstanding crypto organization: Binance. While people flock and FOMO into new BSC-based dApps, some investors are watching waiting on the sidelines -and for good reason. Its EVM compatibility has jump-started this growth, as more projects integrate their dApps onto the platform. The Binance Smart Chain has risen in popularity over recent months, drawing thousands of users and active wallets into its ecosystem. Such branding comes with inherent legitimacy and trust, but is it misplaced? With Ethereum gas fees rising to $40 or more for a single, simple transaction, low cost alternatives are becoming all the rage. — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) July 5, 2019. This one is an exception, as there isn't much new tech development (I guess it was never about the tech for this one). The users/community is large, and a famous "ex-CEO" (cough @elonmusk) helps!

Buterin’s ringing endorsement and Binance the subsequent Binance listing generated so much wow (as Dogecoin fans would put it) that Dogecoin’s price rose over 36 percent in 24 hours, according to data from price-tracker, CoinMarketCap .

Following the platform’s launch, cryptocurrency up until November 1, 2019, the trading fees on the Binance.US will be kept at zero for all supported trading pairs. This move is described as a part of the company’s efforts to remove barriers to a broader adoption of crypto assets.

The token was created in reference to the infamous incident that occurred during a protest in China in 1989 – about which the Chinese government forbids discussion. If Binance is "in bed with China" as some speculate, and is centralized, China will almost certainly force CZ’s hand in taking it down. Most notably, a token called "Tanks of Tienanmen" appeared in late February, and has yet to be taken down. Other skeptics have resorted to posting obscene and offensive content on the BSC chain in an attempt to test the extent of its centralization.

imageThe Australian technologist originally conceived the crypto, as a joke in 2013— a riposte to bitcoin and the upswell of investment in crypto. He left to pursue other interests and has no regrets, he told Decrypt in an interview last year.

Another address following a similar pattern has been spotted, adding an additional 25,000 failed transactions to the pile. The thread points out the spam transactions, and accuses Binance of wash trading CeDeFi applications to fake user activity. He concluded by saying, "If your funds are on BSC, be aware you are giving custody over to a bad actor who will do anything to get ahead." The thread has been retweeted 836 times. The smart contract at the source of these failed transactions continues to spam the network, which can be viewed here.

Dogecoin dev, Maximilian Keller, told Decrypt back in May "We did try to get in contact with [Coinbase], but not very seriously. Integration into their wallet, that just happened out of the blue, pretty much."

Our Melbourne-based team are passionate about crypto, and we’ve expanded to, and more. As one of Australia’s first Bitcoin exchanges, we’ve helped Australians buy Bitcoin since 2014.

This situation coincided with BSC shutting down their bridge (a program that allows users to move funds between BSC and ETH). Some have speculated that this was to prevent the founder of Meerkat Finance from realizing his stolen profits. During the shut down, users could not move funds from BSC to ETH, but could still move funds from ETH to BSC.

In addition to what is required for basic verification, the users will be required to submit their U.S. driver’s license/passport/green card/state I.D. Advanced verification for personal accounts . Basic verification for personal accounts . Fiat account verification . card in addition to a proof of address in the form of a bank statement or utility bill. In addition to added support for USD deposits/withdrawals, the users can withdraw up to USD 1,000 with ACH or 1,000,000 USD with wire. Corporate verification . Depositing fiat with the platform is supported by two options: deposits via an automated clearing house (ACH) account ACH and crypto via wire. This level requires the users to submit their name, gender, DOB, address and social security number information, with deposit/withdrawal services catering to digital assets only and daily withdrawal limit amounting to USD 5,000 equivalent in crypto. The daily withdrawal limit is capped at USD 1 million equivalent in crypto. This level combines requirements from both basic and advanced verification levels in addition to submitting a completed questionnaire.

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